Mooresville Visitors Bureau finds new home at Langtree Lake Norman

By on June 9, 2014

Visitors bureau likes visibility, accessibility of new site

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The Mooresville Convention and Visitors Bureau hopes that its new location at LangTree Lake Norman will serve as a more visible “gateway” to the town and all it has to offer.

“We loved where we were, because downtown is a fun place that’s full of life and activity,” said Courtney Wolfrom, the CVB’s marketing and communications manager. “We were right there with other great businesses but we did have a good reason for changing location.”

The CVB is “always looking for ways it can improve its effectiveness” to attract even more tourists to the area, so Wolfrom said that they recently consulted with Randall Travel Marketing (a Mooresville-based research, planning and trend analysis business for the travel and tourism industry) to get an objective and professional opinion on how to make more of an impact.

“They performed an in-depth research study and publicly presented it in January,” she said. “On the top of the list and noted as a high priority was relocating the visitors center closer to Interstate 77 for immediate accessibility from the highway.”

She added that all of the visitors centers in the surrounding towns were within a mile of I-77.

“Most are even less than a mile,” Wolfrom said, “so if we are here to serve, we need to be more accessible. Fifty-five thousand cars travel through Mooresville every day on I-77 and we have to have a good location in order to be in a better position to hold a captive audience.”

The CVB is now in a temporary location at 130 Landings Drive in Suite 102 which is around the back of the LangTree Lake Norman shopping center.

“We’re getting ready to break ground on our new location out in front of the Shell Station and R.L. West, which will be our permanent home,” Wolfrom said. “We’ll be facing the highway and visible from I-77, which will be so great. There is already so much visible appeal to LangTree Lake Norman and with the addition of the Doubletree and SwimMAC, it’s only going to get better and better. I’m excited that we’ll be a part of this hub of activity.”

Wolfrom said they expect the new location to be ready in about 18 months and they are currently working on signage with DOT to direct drivers to their new home.

In addition to a more high-profile location, the CVB is adding three new touch-screen kiosks to help visitors who arrive after-hours find what they need.

“The kiosks, which we’ll have up and operating on June 16, will be accessible 24-7 outside of our office and around town so that visitors who cruise into town late at night can find a hotel and even plan their activities for the next day,” said Wolfrom.

In addition to the location outside of the CVB, there will also be a kiosk at the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame and one at the Charles Mack Citizen Center to “maintain our downtown presence.”

“We will probably even move the kiosks at times depending on the events that are going on in town, so that if there are a lot of sporting events going on at Mazeppa, we can have a presence there to show our out-of-towners what Mooresville has to offer,” she said. “We’re excited and ready to embrace this new technology and our new location to be as accessible as we can.”

The CVB is funded through hotel-motel room tax levied by the state.

For more information or news about the Mooresville CVB, visit or call 704-799-2400.

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